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Passive Investment Opportunity

Westbury Reserve

Check out this is a fantastic value-add opportunity in Houston, TX.


QRP, Solo 401(k), SD-IRA


506(c) For Accredited Investors Only


17% Targeted IRR

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Investment Overview

Westbury Reserve fantastic value-add class C opportunity is located in Houston, TX. The property contains 320 units.

Westbury Reserve’s desirable location, strong demographic base, and constrained supply pipeline suggest that it’s well-positioned for outsized future rent growth.

Note: This 506(c) syndication is open to ACCREDITED investors only.


Targeted IRR


Projected Annual


Targeted Equity Multiplier, 5-Year


Preferred Return

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Don’t miss out on the great opportunity to invest in an excellent value-add multifamily community in a top-performing market.

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Note: This 506(c) syndication is open to ACCREDITED investors only.

We Are Multifamily Investment Professionals



With a combined 100+ years of experience and $300MM in closed multifamily transactions, we have the subject matter expertise, key relationships, and proven track record to execute profitable deals.



We are opportunistic investors focused on creating long term value. We stress test our deals and use leverage carefully to create sustainable cash flow and limit our risk.



Closing a deal, while challenging, is the easy part. Executing on the business plan is the hard part. It takes perseverance and persistence to achieve what we set out in our underwriting, and our team strives to knock it out of the park every time.

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