Risk in Multifamily vs Single-Family Real Estate

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Multifamily has very contained risk compared to many other investment vehicles. For example, single family; in 2008, the delinquency rate of Freddie Mac single family loss was 10 times of multifamily. 

So if you’re tired of building up your single family portfolio and losing half of it during each downturn, it’s (multifamily is) one of the best recession resilient investment assets. Multifamily will help you systematically grow your investments and build generational wealth.

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Patrick Grimes

Patrick Grimes is a design engineer and CEO and Founder of Invest on Main Street, LLC. His real estate holdings include general partner ownership of a multifamily and single-family real estate portfolio valued over $146M, including 1,950+ units across the southeastern United States and Texas.

He has been active in real estate investment since 2007, including purchasing land and distressed assets, renovating them, and stabilizing them for long-term cash flow. ​To scale his real estate portfolio, Patrick moved from single-family to multifamily investing and founded Invest on Main Street, a private equity firm specializing in multifamily value-add projects in emerging markets.

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