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“I saved a lot of time on the process and made things go very smooth”

Elijah Randall
Owner of Fast Track Remodeling

“Person of integrity and awesome person to work with”

Bronson Hill
CEO And Founder Of Bronson Equity

“Patrick brings value by finding deals and building relationships”

Rod Khleif

With our multifamily syndications, you’re able to invest passively without all the grunt work involved so you can focus on living your life while your investments grow on their own.

Don’t Miss Another Deal Like This!

Latest Investment Exit
Canopy Creek Apartments

We made over 10 million dollars for our investors in just 9.5 months with this single addition to our portfolio. 

  • $10 Million in Profit
  • In 9.5 Months
  • 1031 Into Our Next Asset

Replace Your Income & Retire Early

Setting yourself up for retirement is no easy task–but when you take the next step with Invest on Main Street, our high return investments can secure your future wealth, putting you ahead of the pack when it comes to retirement. With our help, your investment gains could even replace your income and lead to early retirement!

We Work – Not You

We get it. You’re juggling work, caring for your family, and all the other things in life that require your time. This is precisely why we’ve removed all the grunt work that is normally involved in real estate investing for you! We take care of everything. You won’t be dealing with toilets, tenants, or trash. We even take care of your tax obligations! 

Make A Real Difference

Tenants benefit from our improvements to the property. Our team renovates and updates the apartments so they can enjoy a higher quality of life. We fix items that have been neglected. We add amenities like parking, playgrounds, and gyms. And we provide better ongoing maintenance of their home.

Invest With Us In Multifamily Real Estate

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