Patrick, R&D Engineer

Patrick, R&D Engineer

“With Invest on Main Street, I got impressive returns!”
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As a medical device engineer, I have a very demanding lifestyle with a demanding job. My wife has a very demanding job too, and on top of that, we have two very young kids that take up a lot of our time. 

I’ve been a real estate investor since college, mostly with single-family housing and one apartment complex. It is, in my opinion, one of the most stable investments that you can make.

Historically, this is a fact. My goal is to create financial independence for myself and to create a long-standing legacy that I can pass down to my children. I grind it out, I work hard, my wife works hard, and we want something that we can depend on that’s not just the stock market. I have my own portfolio of single-family houses, and one of the reasons why I like multifamily is that the single-family houses I own and manage take up a lot of time. Even with economies of scale, with each single-family house, you still have a single roof for that house and a single foundation. It’s a single property that you have to manage independently and do it myself, I don’t get to reap the benefits of the economy of scale that you get with multifamily. 

I’ve made some good investments with single-family, but with multifamily, they’re just a lot easier. I just let somebody else manage the property, let somebody else deal with the maintenance, the financial statements, all of that. That’s what led me to do multiple investments with multifamily syndicators recently. 

I chose to go with Patrick and Invest on Main Street because I know him. I’ve had a relationship with Patrick for eight years, and I trust that he has unquestionable morals. I don’t question whether he’ll take my money and go buy a Ferrari or something; I know he doesn’t live that kind of lifestyle. He’s just a morally straightforward person; he makes the right decisions not just for his investors, but for the investment in general. On top of that. The returns we’ve gotten on multifamily investments have recently outperformed my single-family houses, which is impressive to me because my single-family homes have done really well.

But not as well as the multifamily investments I’ve done with Patrick and Invest on Main Street. In the foreseeable future, I’m going to continue to invest with them. I’d still like to diversify with single-family homes, but I like the direction it’s going with Patrick Grimes. 


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