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We are very happy that you have chosen to join our investors to partner with us in the Midwest Portfolio. There is a quick two-step process below to secure your investment. We are a first-to-fund investment so we encourage you to complete the document signing as well as wire process soon.

Step 1: Endorse the Investment Docs

Click the button below to launch DocuSign now and begin the process of endorsing the investment docs. If you need to come back to this step, you can access the docs via an email that will arrive shortly from DocuSign directly.

Note: Make sure to search your email account as DocuSign emails are sometimes automatically filed into the promotion or social folders

Step 2: AHC/Wire Transfer

In addition to completing the DocuSign forms above, it will require that your investment arrives in our account to secure your subscription. Please see below wire instructions as well as a download link to a printable PDF. This has also been sent to you via email.

Step 3 (Optional):

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