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About Invest on Main Street

Invest on Main Street is a private equity firm that makes it easy for you to passively invest in commercial real estate syndications. We “enable investors to” take full advantage of the compelling benefits of multifamily ownership by leveraging our knowledge and network to acquire properties with stable cash flow and long-term appreciation.

About our Founder, Patrick Grimes

Interview Questions

The answers to these questions will give your audience the specific, detailed, and actionable advice they’re looking for and give you an smooth series of segues from topic to topic.

What self directed retirement plans are best for wealth building in real estate.

What real estate investment strategy is best for wealth building.

What are the risks for single-family and multifamily investors and what asset protection strategies can be used for wealth preservation.

How can investors protect their wealth from rising inflation and drive greater returns in an inflationary environment.

How are passive investors using 1031 exchanges be build wealth.

How passive investors can accelerate wealth building, Multifamily Syndicator vs. single-family investments.

What are the benefits of real estate investing?

How do you evaluate a real estate deal?

What are the pros and cons of different types of real estate?

What are the advantages of investing in multi-family syndications vs. the stock market?

Why is it critical to ensure a property meets specific criteria before investing?

What is a 1031 exchange?

Why can leverage be a bad thing?

What are the pros/cons of active vs passive investing?

Why invest in an multifamily syndication rather than just buying the real estate directly?

What kind of return should real estate investors expect?

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