Josh, Sr. Vice President Finance

Josh, Sr. Vice President Finance

“With Invest on Main Street, I got efficient cash flow and got appreciation.”
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Hello, my name is Josh.  Professionally, I’m a senior vice president of finance for a large company. I’ve been in that space for 20 plus years and personally, I enjoy investing in real estate. 

I was asked to share a little bit about my journey and why I choose to invest in real estate, specifically multifamily properties. About seven years ago, I got my first rental. It’s a single-family that my wife and I own and manage directly. It worked out well, we get good cash flow, appreciation’s been really strong overall. The returns have been absolutely fantastic, so we’ve moved on to purchase another six or seven single-family homes that we continue to manage ourselves, and it works! 

We’ve done very well and frankly, we’ve outpaced the stock market during that seven-year period when you look at the strength of appreciation and the cash flow. Plus, we have yet to pay taxes on any of the cash flow. Just given how efficient it is from the tax perspective, the challenge with it is that we’re managing that many properties ourselves. Say you have ten turnovers, on occasion, you get the calls in the middle of the night when things break, and it’s a hassle. It’s tough to balance, especially when you have a full-time and demanding career as I do.

So about a year ago, I discovered multifamily syndications. My first investment was with Patrick. I’ve invested with them since then, and I’ve loved it. It’s been great, it’s hit on all the themes that I look for in real estate. I get that the tax-efficient cash flow, I get the appreciation, and it’s passive— I get the benefits without the calls in the middle of the night. I have a partner I trust who manages all the details and literally, I just get a check every month and so far, knock-on-wood, they’ve been in line or better than what the initial underwrites were, so for me, I intend to continue to invest in multifamily. 

It’s a good diversification, good cash flow, and something that only a finance person might appreciate. I choose multifamily over REITs. I also invest in REITs, but I’ve been putting more money into multi-families because it’s even more tax-efficient.  You get the benefit of the depreciation and bonus depreciation, so overall, it’s worked out really really well. It’s fit well in my strategy and something I intend to continue to invest in


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