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We provide passive investing opportunities to help you build wealth through tax-advantaged cash flow and appreciation while limiting your exposure to market volatility.




New Investment Opportunity

Westbury Reserve

This fantastic value-add opportunity is located in Houston, TX and consists of a portfolio of 320 units.

The asset’s desirable location, strong demographic base, and constrained supply pipeline suggest the asset is well-positioned for outsized future rent growth. 


17% Projected IRR


12% Projected Annual Cash-on-Cash 


8% Preferred Return


1.7X Targeted Equity Multiplier, 5-Year

Achieve Truly Passive Income Through Multifamily Real Estate

What if there was a proven way to create generational wealth and receive multiple tax-advantaged passive income streams while you do it?

Investing in multifamily real estate is a proven way to create tax-advantaged passive income streams and build generational wealth. Rather than facing the stock market’s volatility or settling for low returns from savings accounts and bonds, multifamily real estate provides consistent returns that largely outperform other asset classes.

Invest on Main Street is a private equity firm that makes it easy for you to passively invest in commercial real estate syndications. With us, you can start investing in tax-advantaged real estate without having to take on the headache of buying and managing properties yourself. Simply follow our easy 4-step process to start investing today.

The SMART INVESTORS Guide to Passive Investing

Discover how you can receive tax-advantaged cash flow, limited exposure to market volatility, and returns hedged against inflation

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Why Multifamily Real Estate?


In a well-run complex the rent tenants pay covers all expenses and generates profit for the owners

Property Appreciation

Long-term wealth is created by the property increasing in value


Using leverage, you can purchase $40M of property with only $10M cash


Commercial real estate has outperformed the stock market over long periods of time and with less volatility

Tax Benefits

Owners enjoy the tax benefits of owning real estate and can use depreciation to keep more profits


The tenants pay down the debt, which increases owner equity, creating long-term wealth

Invest on Main Street “enables investors to” take full advantage of the compelling benefits of multifamily ownership by leveraging our knowledge and network to acquire properties with stable cash flow and long-term appreciation.

Come join us and enjoy the benefits of passive real estate investing. We’ll do ALL the work while you sit back and receive cash flow!

The U.S. Rental Market Continues to Increase

The evidence supports our long-held belief that the United States will continue to experience high demand for rental units:


For many reasons, millenials are not buying homes at expected rates while baby boomers are starting to retire and are choosing to downsize into apartments.


With stagnant job growth, stringent lending guidelines, and the recent numbers of job losses from the Coronavirus pandemic, it is difficult for many Americans to make any decision other than renting.


The 2008 recession left America with a significantly reduced supply of new housing. New construction is expected to lag behind the U.S. population growth, leaving high demand for apartment units.

You Can Get Started Today Even if You Don’t Have Enough Capital to Buy a Property Yourself

Invest on Main Street offers multifamily syndications. This means we pool money from investors like you and use it to purchase larger multifamily properties that we find, manage, and eventually sell. Partnering with us in this way allows you to get in on the multifamily action without a ton of capital or experience. We do all the heavy lifting while you sit back, relax, and collect Monthly or quarterly checks, your cut of the profits from the property.

This is a great option if you:


Want to build wealth and passive cash flow


Want to retire earlier and work less


Have a busy job taking all your time, but know that you just can’t trust your 401k or savings alone to give you the life you want after retirement


Are tired of the erratic and sluggish returns in the stock market


Don’t have the expertise or desire to do it yourself

Here’s Everything We Do, So You Don’t Have To.


1. Acquire The Asset

  • We look in emerging markets with strong job growth and diverse employment demographics
  • We do thorough due diligence and detailed business plan formation
  • We partner with experienced operators that have a proven track record of success

2. Add Value


  • We add value to drive up operating income & reduce expenses. Some of the things we do include:
  • Renovation of outdated interiors and exteriors
  • Add or enhance amenities (dog park, gym, laundry, office)
  • Put in place professional property management
  • Raise physical and economic occupancy
  • Rebrand with modern name and signage

3. Investor Tax Shielding

  • Pass along standard 27.5-year depreciation schedule to offset investor earnings
  • Accountant performs cost segregation study to do a rapid 5-7 year depreciation schedule for most interior renovation costs.
  • Take advantage of Bonus Depreciation, when possible, to further advance realization of deprecation
  • Ensure we are taking full advantage of 1031 Exchange options to reduce tax burden and analyze for Opportunity Zones that provide favorable tax rates.

4. Return Significant Invested Capital

  • Revalue property at higher operating income-reduced expense and then refinance to return significant invested capital

5. Management & Cash Flow

  • Our team of expert asset managers will manage the property and keep it running at peak effeciency
  • Investors are provided with quarterly performance reports cash flow distributions from the properties profits

6. Selling The Asset

  • We follow the market cycle and watch for the best opportunity to maximize investor returns at sale

Here’s All You Need to do to Get Started Investing on Main Street


1. Sign Up

The first step to Invest on Main Street is to fill out our Interest Form.

2. Connect

We’ll discuss your goals and find the best investments for you to help you meet those goals.

3. Invest

We’ll help you understand every step of the process of investing with us.

4. Enjoy

We do all the work while you sit back, relax and enjoy the benefits of passive income

Are You in Control of Your Time and Your Life?

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