Elijah Randall, Owner of Fast Track Remodeling

Elijah Randall, Owner of Fast Track Remodeling

“With Invest on Main Street, I saved a lot of time on the process and made things go very smoothly.”
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I’ve professionally worked with Patrick since 2015. We’ve done quite a few projects together, renovations where I was the general contractor. It was a good relationship; he was off-site, meaning he was out of town on all the investment properties, so it was good to experience somebody who really knew the plan and really knew the numbers that would make it possible to accomplish his goals. He has a great mental picture of everything that’s going on with a project, and that makes things go very smoothly.

Were there any challenges? Yeah, but there are always going to be challenges. That’s the case with pretty much any project, but that mental picture he had from the start and the goals he set for our strategy really helped us. I made some suggestions, and he was always able to answer me quickly, which really saves a lot of time in the process. If you get hung up, every delay costs money, and we didn’t have to deal with that. Instead, I was able to express concerns and he understood quickly, then we’d come up with a fix together. 

We’ve done more than 1,400 homes for investors, and just like there are different types of clients you work with, and there are different types of leaders in the industry. There are some people you can just tell are the right people to work with based on how they analyze deals, but also their confidence in what they’re accomplishing. I would say everyone really needs to highly consider working with Invest on Main Street for those purposes—whatever they’re trying to accomplish, I can vouch that it will get done without delay.


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