“Invest on Main Street is a great vehicle for me to invest through.”
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Patrick and Invest on Main Street have been great. I’ve gotten a great response anytime I’ve had questions or concerns, I’ve gotten quick answers, I’ve got a very straightforward explanation of the investments, and I think Invest on Main Street is a great vehicle for me to invest through. 

I graduated from college in 1972 and went into industry, and in 1980, I started my own business with a partner. That was in the automation and high-tech world, and we ran that business for 40 years and finally sold it in 2020. We had some great successes in that business, and feel very fortunate to have spent 40 years running a business like that. 

I worked with some wonderful people and all my life, basically starting in the late 70s early 80s, I started investing in residential real estate as income properties. I had other investments too, but I was primarily focused on real estate and have had, I guess, at best-mixed results. Doing that takes a lot of work: trying to stay on top of properties and collecting rents and troubled tenants, difficult tenants from time to time, and maintaining properties can be a lot of work. So when Patrick approached me about investing in multifamily properties with Invest on Main Street a couple of years ago, it seemed like a natural fit. I’d toyed around with the idea before but never had an avenue to it. But now I do. I like that it’s passive and I can invest and forget, so to speak, and the checks just come to me.


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