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City Park Apartments

208-Unit Apartment Community Investment Opportunity in Atlanta, GA

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Investment Overview

City Park Apartments is a fantastic 208-unit multifamily investment opportunity located in Atlanta, GA. There is significant upside potential for us to add value through significant renovations.

The Deal (that rare opportunity we hunt for):


Optimal Location

Located in one of San Antonio’s most desirable areas


Booming Submarket

39.6% job growth expected over the next 10 years

Value-Add Renovations

Projecting ~$300+/mo rent increases after renovation

Investor requirements: You must have income that exceeds $200,000 per year or $300,000 if married or have a net worth of more than $1 million either alone or together with a spouse (excluding primary residence).


Years Investment Term


Projected Average Annual Distributions (CoC)


Projected Average Annual Return (AAR)


Projected Preferred Return

Step 5:

We have broken out the rest of the webinar into short bite-sized videos and labeled them clearly so that you can jump to what you need to know to invest and skip the rest.


The Property Story

Learn about the condition of this property and see what the amenities are currently. Review a summary of the comparables.


Property Management

See how we use our on-site management team to execute our plan to renovate the units and upgrade the exteriors in this value-add investment opportunity.


Conservative Financing & Underwriting

Get the details of our conservative investment strategy so you invest with confidence.


Property Upside

Take a deep dive into our planned renovations and how they will generate great returns over the hold period.


Employment & Area Demographics

Discover why the area is booming with job and population growth and take a look at the key employment opportunities.



Hear some of the most common questions that potential investors have asked and our answers to them.


CapEx & ProForma

Get a detailed breakdown of the interior and exterior Capex budgets, review our 5-Year ProForma, and dig into the minutia of the underwriting assumptions.


About the Team

Learn more about the investment’s sponsor team with introductions to the members of Invest On Main Street & REM Capital. 


Watch the Full Webinar Replay

Kick back, pop some popcorn and watch a recording of the full and unedited investing webinar.


Business Plan

Learn how Atlanta is topping that charts nationally, has tremendous economic resilience, and is primed to bounce back from anything.

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