Bronson Hill, CEO & Founder of Bronson Equity

Bronson Hill, CEO & Founder of Bronson Equity

“With Invest on Main Street, I got efficient cash flow and got appreciation.”
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My name is Bronson. I’m with Bronson Equity and I’m here to give my support and endorsement of Patrick Grimes at Invest on Main Street. Not only is Patrick a person of integrity and just an awesome person to work with, we’re very similar— I was able to quit my great corporate job through investing in multifamily investments, replace my income, price my expenses and we were able to partner on a deal in a phenomenal market. The deal has performed way ahead of expectations and projections to the point where it’s amazing, I’ve never really seen a deal perform like this.  From working with Patrick on just a character level, I would 100 percent encourage you to work with him as well. The performance of the deal, the underwriting, the way he presents himself—I’m just really, really impressed with the entire process


Patrick Grimes, Co-Author
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