Ben, Sr. Director of Engineering

Ben, Sr. Director of Engineering

“With Invest on Main Street, it scales nicely with my time and I don’t have to invest a ton more time to get the kind of returns I’m looking for.”
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My name is Ben and I’m an engineer by trade. I’ve also been investing for quite a while, ever since I got my first job and had a little bit of money, I’ve aimed to do something productive with it. So I’ve been into stocks: individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and index funds in particular. Then as my career progressed and I built up a little bit of capital, I started getting into real estate investing. I did a little bit of that, and I sort of found that most of my investments fell into one of two camps: either they were investments that were not consistent, so they might have performed well, or they required a lot of work. 


We have vacation homes and single-family homes that we rent, and even our own home requires a lot of upkeep. Those investment properties perform well, but managing them takes a lot of time. So I was looking at what else I can invest in, and I came across multifamily properties as an investment vehicle about five years ago. I found that the performance was close to on par, if not better in some cases than some of the vacation and rental properties I’d come across. Beyond this, actual input into the process is significantly lower, so it felt like true passive investing to me. It felt like a true dividend, except it was a much better return than most dividends would give you. 


That really resonated with me, given where I am career-wise. Career-wise, I have a full-time job. I’m not looking for more to do or more to manage, but I want to have decent returns that I can count on…returns that show up every month and really add to some of my financial sanity, so to speak, and my financial stability. 


So my wife and I have been investing in multifamily properties for a few years now, and a few years ago, Patrick reached out to me to see if we wanted to partner on some things. So I started working with him, and it’s been excellent. It’s been exactly what we’ve been looking for. The checks show up every month, and the properties do very well. There’s very little I have to do on the back end, so it scales nicely with my time, meaning I don’t have to invest a ton of time to get the kind of returns I’m looking for. It’s been great, I plan on doing many more of them. Hopefully, all will go well and we’ll keep this train rolling. 


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